Time-Machine and Drobo

Redesigned in the ground-up to meet up the information storage requirements of today’s press designers and challenging experts, Drobo 5D Turbo develops about the fully-automated operation of prior Drobo arrays by the addition of blazingfast efficiency. Using cutting edge Thunderbolt TM-2 and USB 3.0 connection Drobo 5DT may be the highest-performing individual storage selection in the world.

Not just is Drobo 5Dt quickly, but it’s Easy To-use, expanding, versatile, and protected — precisely what’s anticipated from the Drobo. You are able to securely shop and modify pictures and movies in addition to shop and back-up individual information.

All of the Energy You’ll Need like a Creative Pro
Innovative power-users need top quality, high end options for press editing and storage. The Drobo 5Dt is made about the awardwinning performance of the 5D with blazing-fast efficiency and contains Drobo’s unprecedented versatility, data-protection, and expandability. The 5Dt provides equally Highspeed Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0, offering versatility across two popular interfaces. The Turbo Version helps 4k Thunderbolt linked shows, contains an mSATA card for improved efficiency as high as 30% on streaming movie and 3x read efficiency via Drobo’s Warm Data Cache. 3 years of DroboCare assistance is incorporated on every Drobo 5DT  offered to guarantee the greatest storage experience ever.

BeyondRAID Technology
Constructed on our award winning BeyondRAID engineering, the Drobo 5Dt shields your computer data with no treatment – even yet in the function of multiple-drive problems. You may also change from solitary to double drive redundancy having a single-click, ensuring business-degree double equality data-protection when needed. Drobo’s with BeyondRAID will also be self healing and also have digital warm-extras. If your push occurs to crash, Drobo may instantly re-format the information to come back to some protected condition without interruption.

Drobo requires the in advance guess-work out-of identifying the quantity of capability you need. Purchase the capability you’ll need nowadays, so when you’ll need more storage, merely substitute your smallest push having a bigger one and instantly utilize that capability in seconds. You may also blend and complement push manufacturers, capabilities and rates.

To help improve your expertise, every Drobo includes Intelligent Volume engineering. Wise Quantities are thinly provisioned quantities that instantly use capability as-needed from the typical share of storage. Furthermore, as information is erased, free capacity is delivered to that particular typical swimming, instantly raising the accessible potential.

BeyondRAID alongside Wise Quantities provide next generation storage technology by combining improved data-protection, stability, expandability, and simplicity-of-use.

Data Protection Made Simple
Data Protection and Expandability Made Simple
Constructed on award winning BeyondRAID engineering with simple- or double-push redundancy, Drobo 5Dt shields your computer data with no user-interaction, even yet in the function of multiple-drive problems.

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Devices could be included or hot swapped on-the-travel for storage growth with zero downtime. If you should be working low on room, the lamps about the entrance inform you how to proceed. Simply put in a drive-in a clear bay or eliminate an inferior push and substitute it having a bigger one.

Time-Machine and Drobo: A Great Coupling
Apple’s Time-Machine was made to create copying your documents easy and simple. Coupling Time-Machine with Drobo enhances your computer data safety by ensuring your computer data is secure in case of drive failure.

Manage How Much Storage Time Machine Uses
Apple’s recommendations are to create the space for storage for Time-Machine at twice how big the Mac’s drive that’s to become guarded and Time-Machine customers realize that it’ll progressively utilize all accessible space with no easy method to quit this from occurring. With Drobo it is simple to manage the most storage-space readily available for Time-Machine copies through Drobo Dash. Whenever you use a Drobo, Drobo Dash, encourages to determine if you like to produce a devoted storage volume for Period Machine’s use letting you set how big this quantity.

Small, Expanding Style Compact, Expanding Style
Growing your storage capability having a Drobo couldn’t be simpler. There’s no long, dangerous procedure to include capability to some Drobo – you should not feel the time intensive and complicated management of destroying your RAID models and recreating with bigger devices; after which ultimately restoring from your own copy. While it’s time for you to include storage capability to some Drobo, merely place extra computer devices or substitute the tiniest drives with bigger versions. The initial compact, provider-less drive bay style leads to a stylish, effective storage selection that won’t master your precious desk area.

If you’re operating low on room, the lamps about the entrance of the Drobo 5Dt let you know precisely what to complete. The revolutionary, user friendly commercial design enables you to include or hot swap larger-capacity devices, without resources, onthefly, for storage growth with zero downtime. Increase your capability without lacking a defeat while securely keeping and copying all individual information effortlessly and reassurance. It’s that easy!

Volume AND Efficiency
Capability and Efficiency
Drobo 5Dt posseses an mSATA card involved allow our complex Drobo Gas Caching technology right from the container. The Drobo Gas Cache retains a duplicate of one’s most often utilized information to ensure that it could be shipped even more quickly if you want it.

The gas cache may significantly accelerate launching big picture libraries along with other I/O extensive procedures, removing out workflows and letting you begin being effective faster. To maintain capability of one’s Drobo 5Dt in a maximum, the Drobo Gas Bay allows a business-standard mSATA SSD, making all five 3.5” drives bays readily available for large-capacity HDDs.

If obtaining the fastest efficiency feasible is the factor, you may also stock up every drive-bay with SSDs. Drobo 5Dt provides you with the versatility to select!

Thunderbolt Cable

Connection Without Compromise
The Drobo 5Dt may be the only 5 bay direct-attached storage selection that provides Thunderbolt 2 AND USB 3.0.

Double Thunderbolt 2 locations enables you to simultaneously link as much as six Thunderbolt products at the same time and certainly will help a-one 4K show. With bi directional 20 Gb/s efficiency, Thunderbolt 2 engineering enables all products within the string to attain optimum throughput.

This latest-generation of USB 3.0 offers high performance connection and it is backward-compatible with any computer operating competent variations of Macos X or Windows.

Energy Protecting Your Critical Data

Energy Protecting Your Critical Data
The Drobo 5Dt doesn’t simply guard from travel problems, in addition, it features a battery backup program that defends all information in storage or cache. That’s right, Business quality data-protection for you personally in your Drobo 5Dt! If energy automatically disappears, the Drobo remains alive long enough for that information to become created to drive, ensuring your information is definitely secure. The onboard battery recharges itself and it is made to last for that existence of the merchandise.

Created for You

Created for You
Drobo products will always be space-efficient and also the Drobo 5Dt isn’t any exception. It had been made to supply high-capacity without trying out lots of your precious desk area. It’s small due to Drobo’s distinctive provider-less drive-bay style, permitting devices to become mounted really near to one another. The mSATA card, the Thunderbolt 2 wire and USB 3.0 wire are involved.

  can also be somewhat quieter than prior-era Drobos because of its updated, big, adjustable-speed cooling fan. You may also manage Drobo to spin along devices once theyare not being used to help decrease sound and conserve power.


The Drobo 5Dt is definitely an improved “Turbo Edition” Drobo which includes 3-Year DroboCare protection totally free with product registration. DroboCare extends beyond the conventional equipment guarantee and, if anything goes wrong, we’ll deliver you an upgraded Drobo immediately, therefore you’ll contain it as rapidly as you are able to – actually before you deliver us back your Drobo. We call it “Advanced Replacement”; we also facilitate your cargo and purchase shipping both methods. With DroboCare, telephone assistance can be obtained 24?7, beginning your day you trigger DroboCare*.