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Time-Machine and Drobo

Redesigned in the ground-up to meet up the information storage requirements of today’s press designers and challenging experts, Drobo 5D Turbo develops about the fully-automated operation of prior Drobo arrays by the addition of blazingfast efficiency. Using cutting edge Thunderbolt TM-2 and USB 3.0 connection Drobo 5DT may be the highest-performing individual storage selection in

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How To Setup Drobo Mini

Take the previously-increasing storage features of Drobo BeyondRAID storage, throw in some Thunderbolt, and set it-all into a small package and what are you experiencing? DROBO MINI To pack lots of RAID-protected storage in a small place, DROBO 5DT  thought we would employ 2.5″ SATA notebook drives since the standard. There are four bays for

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