Self-Managing USB C storage


Nowadays we’ve a fascinating item from Drobo to examine, named the 5C. Dobo areas the 5C like a “Self-Managing USB C storage option. What this signifies is by using Drobo items you’ve you should not micro-manage your storage system, you are able to blend and complement hard disk drives including push capabilities simply by placing your hard disk drives of preference and also the Drobo 5C protects the remainder. The DROBOSHARE  encounter is intended to become as easy as you can and also the 5C works because respect.
In the centre of the Drobo 5C is Drobo’s BeyondRAID which handles your storage efficiently. With simple drive failure setting the 5C works like RAID-5 and shifting to double drive redundancy that will be like RAID 6, your computer data is secure from problems. Having five drive bays enables you to begin with a couple of drives and just total up to three more whenever your storage requirements increase. You’ll find out more about BeyondRAID at Drobo’s site.

A distinctive function of the 5C is definitely an internal rechargeable battery that’ll guard your computer data and cache by preserving information along the way of publishing using the help of an mSATA warm info cache SSD. This can be a function similar to raised-stop storage methods and distinctive to  DROBOSHARE within this section.

Drobo 5C Features:

Thin Provisioning
Quick Growth
Combined Drive Size Usage
Automatic Protection Levels
Simple or Double-Disk Redundancy
Digital Hot Free
Data Aware
Drive re ordering
Enhanced Copy for that Time-Machine with Mac’s
Power Protection, Protecting Your Critical Data

The Drobo 5C is available in a sizable white-box that exhibits software kind of USB 3.0 – Type-C, the amount of bays and solution shows about the entrance.
The left-side of the retail package illustrates the 5C abilities and analyzes that to three additional DROBOSHARE items.

After starting the retail box and eliminating the most effective item box we discover the 5C located deeply within the container. Guarded by plastic thermoformed pillows that offer a great 1.5 to 2″ of air-space round the 5C.
The 5C itself comes in the durable fabric carrying case that’s pretty snug installation.
Starting the accessory container you place the Begin URL to come right into your online browser and also the item items.

Components for that Drobo 5C include:

3.3 ft. (1 m) USB 3.0, Typea to Typec wire
9.3 ft. (2.8 m) cord with power adaptor
Quickstart Card
We also discovered a card that provided a 90-Day DriveSavers restoration support strategy, plus a guarantee info card, a DROBOSHARE  label, and many Drive-Bay steps stickers in three distinct languages.

$809.00 USD
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Drobo 5C Installation

Eliminating the 5C in the container and fabric carrier requires a small are the carrier is tightfitting. Once separated, we get our first-look in the Drobo 5C and begin the installation procedure.
The 5C weighs a reasonable amount arriving at 8.5 lbs without devices. It’s an extremely strong and properly constructed system.

Your storage setup stops working the following for vacant devices.

Natural Capacity: 7.27 TB
Reserved for Growth: 0 GB
Employed for Safety: 3.64 TB
Overhead: 6.51 GB


We start our tests with this two WD 4TB Reddish NAS drives that people use within all our assessments. Then we desired to observe how the Drobo 5C worked when incorporating in various devices.

Your testing system

Motherboard: ASUS X99-E 10G WS
CPU: Intel 5960x
Storage: 128GB DDR4
OS Push: SanDisk X210 SSD
OS: Windows-10 Pro

Introducing devices towards the Drobo 5C

An incredibly typical use-case to get a Drobo 5C course NAS is in a photographer’s business combining numerous simple-drive external devices. In these surroundings, it’s typical to begin with two devices and include extra devices with time to improve capability. Incorporating extra devices towards the 5C is simple, simply place the push in to the 5C and it’ll look after all you need. It had been just a few moments before we discovered the brand new push ready to be used.
This displays caused by incorporating our two Seagate Ironwolf 2TB NAS devices, this provides us an overall total of four drives mounted into our 5C. Reasonably one may begin with 2TB drives and deploy 4TB drives later-but we desired to discover what might occur by the addition of cheap combined ability devices. That’s an infinitely more challenging growth situation for DAS and NAS application than incorporating bigger products.


We discovered the Drobo 5C to become a remarkable storage system, not just could it be exceptionally simple to setup and handle, additionally, it has sufficient efficiency to meet up several challenging applications. Drobo’s BeyondRAID addresses building arrays having a mixture of producers hard disk drives and capacity’s which stretches the products use. Incorporating devices is really as easy as placing a brand new push and also the 5C protects the remainder. When you have a Drobo saturated in devices mounted and have to increase capability, merely eliminate a push and substitute it having a bigger capacity push and also the 5C protects it. BeyondRAID can repair the variety and off-you proceed. We can not stress enough just how much we preferred these functions, it creates establishing and keeping your storage answer a no brainer.

The Drobo 5C offers energy safety in the event you endure an electrical reduction. The integral battery and mSATA push helps you to save your in flight information which is really a distinctive and high end function. You will find additional options within the SMB DAS marketplace that use Memory as create cache without battery backup. With these additional options, an electrical loss may mean data-loss. Drobo’s answer is similar to what we discover in greater-stop enterprise storage methods.

We did encounter several problems whenever we first put up the system, they certainly were not associated with the Drobo 5C itself, much more our motherboard. We make use of a number of ASUS workstation motherboards within the laboratory, (e.g. our X99-E 10G WS) that function USB 3.0 increase. This function was switched on whenever we first started and skilled push postponement, the system might merely become unresponsive in the first document backup or standard work. Following a reasonable quantity of screening, we unearthed that if we switched off USB 3.0 Raise The 5C might run only good. We examined this on X99-E WS/USB3.1 and Z10PE-D16 WS methods and found exactly the same problem on all three motherboards. It had been an easy repair, merely switch off USB 3.0 increase and all worked properly. For ASUS workstation motherboard customers please maintain this in your mind.

With this problem apart we discovered the Drobo 5C to become a remarkable storage option. For individuals who need easy primary connect storage, the Drobo 5C is just a satisfaction to work well with. Drobo has was able to consider the difficulties of drive arrays and change them right into a minimum group of clear to see choices. For individuals who simply need storage , nor wish to have to analyze acronyms all night before placing the system up, this can be a wonderful choice.