DROBO 5N shields your computer data with no user interaction

Evaluating DROBO 5N at significantly less than 3 lbs when completely filled with 2.5″ pushes, the Drobo Mini may be the supreme, on-the-proceed storage friend, providing an ideal mixture of high-end storage and mobility. To create touring together with your Mini very simple, we’ve created an elective carrying case to put on the ability source, the connection wire as well as your Mini. Little and tough having a rubberized end, the Mini seems as awesome because it appears. As soon as you unbox it, we all know you’ll enjoy its amazing style and also the severe mobility that certainly makes the Drobo Mini – LARGE storage in a little container.

Whether you are operating on your pc, firing and editing pictures or movies onsite, or visiting the following area, it is the planet’s first high performance and protected portable storage range. Therefore you can now consider and access your useful electronic belongings wherever you proceed.

DROBO 5N Ties In the hand of one’s handExpandability Made Simple
Growing your storage capability having a Drobo couldn’t be simpler. There’s no long, dangerous procedure to include the capability to some Drobo – you should not feel the time intensive and complicated management of destroying your RAID models and recreating with bigger devices; after which ultimately restoring from your own copy. While it’s time for you to include storage capability to some Drobo, merely place extra computer devices or substitute the tiniest drives with bigger versions. The initial compact, provider-less drive bay style leads to a stylish, effective storage selection that won’t master your precious desk area.

If you’re operating low on room, the wrap around lamps about the entrance of the Mini let you know precisely what to complete. The revolutionary, user-friendly commercial design enables you to include or hot-swap larger-capacity devices, without resources, on-the-travel, for storage growth with zero downtime. Potential growth anywhere…anytime. It’s that easy!

Incredibly Small
Drobo Mini has everything that is within the high-capacity DROBO 5N in a bundle this is the dimension of the deli sandwich. Made from a cutting-edge metallic carbon-fiber having a soft touch rubberized end, Drobo Mini is little, though, and seems as awesome because it appears. In the contemporary supplies towards the wraparound lighting indications towards the drive-bay style, Mini is really large storage in a little container.

Evaluating in at 3 lbs fully-loaded with devices, now you can bring as much as 3TB1 of functional and protected capability inside your travel case. To create DROBO 5N as lightweight as you can, there is an optional carrying case.

Data Security and Expandability Created SimpleFirst Drobo with 2.5″ Pushes
First Drobo with 2.5″ Drives
Drobo Mini requires 2.5″ drives—thatis why is it lightweight. Four hot-swappable drive bays help devices of any capability. No companies or screws are essential to place devices right into a Drobo and also the Drobo Mini isn’t any unique. An impressive new style enables devices to press out and in just like a ballpoint pen.

Because 2.5″ devices are mainly utilized in laptops, they truly are made to be lightweight. As a result of this, you are able to get and transfer Drobo Mini around with full confidence.

Data Protection and Expandability Made Simple
Constructed on award-winning BeyondRAID™ engineering with simple- or double-push redundancy, DROBO 5N shields your computer data with no user-interaction, even yet in the function of multiple-drive problems.

Devices could be included or hot-swapped on-the-travel for storage growth with zero downtime. If you should be working low on room, the wraparound lights about the entrance inform you how to proceed. Simply put in a drive-in a clear bay or eliminate an inferior push and substitute it having a bigger one.

Energy of Thunderbolt and Versatility of Hardware
Thunderbolt I/O technology offers efficiency that no individual storage continues to be ready to attain, particularly one which is lightweight. This enables one to transfer considerable amounts of information in a portion of times it used to consider.

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DROBO 5N comes with double Thunderbolt locations for daisy-chaining. Link as much as six Thunderbolt products and/or perhaps a low-Thunderbolt check at the conclusion of the string. This enables also one of the most lightweight laptops use of high-performance storage while keeping a connection to additional products and an additional monitor.

Drobo may be the only storage selection that provides Thunderbolt and USB 3.0. This newest Hardware offers high-performance connection and it is backward compatibility with computers operating suitable types of Marcos X or Windows.

Small Speed
Volume AND Efficiency
Information-Conscious Tiering engineering, often reserved for business class storage options, can also be obtainable in this lightweight Drobo. It smartly uses the high-performance display in SSDs to increase the efficiency of the storage selection, permitting programs, for example, Adobe Premiere and Apple Aperture quick use of information.

To maintain the capability of the Drobo in a maximum, the DROBO 5N Bay allows a business-standard mSATA SSD, making all 2.5″ pushes bays readily available for high-capacity HDDs.

Connection Without Compromise
Drobo Mini and also the DROBO 5N would be the only storage options that provide Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connection within the same container.

Numerous thunderbolt locations permit you to simultaneously link as much as six Thunderbolt products at the same time. With bi-directional 10 Gbps efficiency, Thunderbolt engineering enables all products within the string to attain optimum throughput.

This latest-generation of USB 3.0 provides 5Gbps high-performance connection and it is backward-compatible with any computer operating competent variations of Marcos X or Windows.

Peaceful and Effective
The DROBO 5N includes double, carefully-tuned, adjustable-velocity cooling enthusiasts to increase advantages regardless of how difficult you’re which makes it work. You may also manage Drobo to spin along devices when they’re not being used to help decrease sound and conserve power.

Energy Protecting Your Critical Data
Drobo does not simply guard you against the drive failure, but additionally from possible data-loss following a power interruption. Drobo Mini features a battery that defends all information in storage, or cache, that’s, information coming towards the devices.

While energy automatically disappears, the battery retains the Drobo living long enough for that information to become created for nonvolatile storage. The battery recharges itself and it is made to last for that existence of the merchandise.

The world-course DroboCare assistance provides effective safety for several Drobo items. Whether you rely on DROBO 5N for the picture selection or crucial company information, our educated experts can be found around the clock to assist. Along with stretching specialized telephone help, DroboCare provides a variety of advantages over our regular guarantee including migration help, fast equipment, and recovery packages to make sure you receive all you need, whenever you need it.